What are people saying about Katie's work?

"Katie is a a multifaceted person! She is an electrical engineer, but is also is creative! She has helped bring many peoples ideas and stories from words on a computer, to being edited, and processed and formatted into both printed & e-books! She love a new challenge and the opportunity to learn something new! She had never done an illustrated children’s book before, but worked through challenges until she brought my words and my Fiverr illustrations together into a book, enjoying (mostly) every detail until it was complete!! Katie has already said she will take on the new challenge of helping me get my latest book on audio!! She truly is my 'Easy' button!!" ~Cheryl L.

"Katie handled the editing, formatting, and upload of my book. Her prices are reasonable, her work is impeccable, she’s FAST, patient, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for your next project!" ~Angie C.

"I loved working with Katie. She is fast, efficient, patient, and willing to teach. She offers valuable advice if asked. She responds quickly when contacted and ensures that you are totally satisfied with her services before publishing. Her prices are fair and reasonable. I hope to continue working with her!" ~Ruth C.

"Katie has been a fantastic editor. First of all, her services were less than half of what other editors were charging, which was extremely helpful since I don’t make a lot of money. Secondarily, her grammar and spelling edits were great. I kept around 90% of the edits she made, and the ones I changed were over style, not grammar. To help put that number in perspective, my story is 300 pages of single-space, 12-point font. Not only was her editing helpful, her comments were a great assist as well. She asked all the right questions, which allowed me to improve my story on top of my grammar, as well as fill in gaps I had missed or would confuse readers. I can’t recommend her enough, and will be looking her up for future works, five out of five stars!" ~Josh R.

"Katie Erickson just helped me publish my very first book. She is very knowledgeable and efficient in her work. I was surprised by how quickly she got editing, formatting, and the book cover design back to me. Katie also excels at friendly customer service. I always felt respected and valued by her. I highly recommend Katie for your next book project!" ~Andy C.

"Katie Erickson is a pleasure to work with! She's efficient, patient, and knowledgeable. She has edited, formatted, and helped me design the covers for my books. I admire her professionalism and her willingness to provide the know-how and support in helping me obtain my publishing goals and dreams. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Katie." ~Lucille F.

"Katie Erickson is wonderful! She is creative, knowledgable, and is willing to go the extra mile to answer questions and help authors publish their "babies." Her communication skills are awesome. She responds quickly and gets the work done in a timely and professional manner! I look forward to working with her again and again!" ~Karyn A.

"Katie was a joy to work with from start to finish, she was reliable, efficient and professional. I was so concerned about my lack of experience and Katie always made publishing my book easy and even took the time to teach me the process along the way. So pleased." ~Maureen S.

"Katie edited my books, The Christian Musicians Devotional and The Christian Band Handbook. They're both long books. Katie took the time to edit both books to be much more easily understood as well as correcting punctuation and grammar. She also made suggestions and comments which I was able to use to make the content more accurate. She is very easy to work with and the work was done very quickly. I definitely recommend Katie and would use her again for future projects." ~ Marie W.

"Katie loves assisting people with their books! She is very detail oriented and gets the job done. I was very pleased with her formatting and she made sure I got exactly what I wanted. I added black and white pictures from the 50’s and created coloring pages that she put in each chapter. She gets back to you within a short time. And the final product is excellent! My book is called, “Broken by Accident: Finding Purpose in Your Stories.” Thanks, Katie!" ~Gwen E.

"I had written a Christian Fiction Novel and was told by the publishing house that I needed copy editing. Through a mutual acquaintance, I asked Katie if she would be interested in helping me out. Katie's work was fantastic. After reading my own manuscript several times - and then reading her edited version - I found the subtle changes that she made allowed the book to flow more smoothly in the reader's mind. I also asked a couple of my test readers to re-read the manuscript after Katie's process, and they too were amazed at the difference. I highly recommend Katie and the fast and quality service. I will definitely be using her services on additional projects!" ~Ron S., https://www.facebook.com/theneedword/

"I praise the Lord for sending Katie Erickson to help with editing and publishing services for my first book, The Answer is on the Way. Her editing skills are admirable and her attention to details excellent. She is easy to work with and extremely responsive and timely. I highly recommend Katie for any of your Publishing needs. I definitely will be using her again." ~Sylvia W.

"Katie Erickson is absolutely the BEST person, who glorifies God creatively in her work + her life! She has integrity, excellence and touches people globally! I thank the Lord in every way in helping me edit, publish and produce two books so far!" ~Cathy S.

"Katie did an awesome job on my self-published book Counterfeit Justice: The True Story of 19th Century Organized Crime. It was a long book and I am not the best at editing my own work. Katie worked fast, made it through everything, and did so very efficiently. She's at the top of my list if I ever decide to work on another project!" ~Eric A.

"I got the paperbacks in mail yesterday for [my recent book].The formatting and changes were awesome! What a difference!! Katie does great work and is reasonably priced!!" ~James A.

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