Katie has a B.S. in electrical engineering (Ohio Northern University, 2003), a Master of Divinity degree (Winebrenner Theological Seminary, 2010), and a Doctor of Ministry degree (Winebrenner Theological Seminary, 2023) with a research focus of Biblical Hebrew teaching methods. She is an adjunct professor at Winebrenner Seminary and also serves as the Alumni Coordinator. Katie has a passion for the languages of Biblical Hebrew and Greek, especially teaching them. She has been preaching and doing pulpit supply since 2005, and she has had multiple opportunities to teach and tutor Biblical Hebrew and some Greek since 2010. Katie also does speaking engagements on a variety of Biblical topics, and she has written and published 7 books.

Katie worked full-time as an electrical design engineer for almost 17 years, and at the end of 2020, she left that work to pursue her passions of writing, editing, and design. She has 10+ years of experience with writing, editing, book cover design, and self-publishing books. She has also designed several websites and specializes in WordPress.

Katie is involved in the ministry of Worldview Warriors, writing weekly blog posts since September 2011 and editing other writers' posts since early 2014. She appeared monthly on the Do Not Keep Silent Sunday evening radio program from 2010-2023. In early 2021, she started working as the Special Projects Team Leader with Church Doctor Ministries in the areas of graphic design, website work, marketing, and anywhere else she can help. She has done video and audio editing and email marketing for The Joshua Center since November 2022. She also manages 8 rental properties in northwest Ohio.

Katie is a native of Dearborn, Michigan, and moved to Findlay, Ohio, in 2007 where she currently resides.